Mike Bloomberg

Mike Bloomberg, former New York City Mayor, has officially joined the 2020 race and has decided to go full send. The man worth $52 Billion has set up an ad blitz worth $37 Million in just one day. It is easily more than any other candidate has spent during this campaign on advertising alone. Bloomberg, who is running a self-funded campaign for President, could outspend every democratic & republican hopeful (including President Trump who claims to be worth 3.1 Billion… but ya know…). Bloomberg could spend $1B on his campaign and not feel a financial dent.

However, in a time where so many progressive Democratic voters are weary of the ultra wealth (i.e. Warren and Sanders’ proposed Wealth Tax), Bloomberg, the Forbes #8 Richest Person in the world may have a hard time gaining traction against Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. However, Bloomberg does have a track record of bipartisanship, implementing progressive ideas, and an incredible background on the economy. Is it just too late?

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