Trump’s Gonna be Impeached

This has been coming since September, but for only the 4th time in American history, Congress has drafted Articles of Impeachment against a sitting U.S. President. The 2 articles, one on Abuse of Power and one on Obstruction of Congress, will be voted on this week by the Judiciary Committee.

It remains to be seen if there will be any Republicans to break ranks and get some courage to defend the Constitution. Our guess is not. Even with 22 Republican Representatives retiring or not running for re-election. Regardless if he is removed, Donald Trump will not be able to remove the “I Word” from his resume.

Debate Update: Yang is in!

In other news; after fears that the December Democratic debate would only feature white candidates, Andrew Yang has qualified for next week’s December debate. It remains to be seen if Cory Booker or Tulsi Gabbard will make it and it seems Julian Castro will miss this one as well.

Under the new rules, candidates need at least 4% in four polls or 6% in early states (Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, or Nevada) and at least 200,000 unique donors. Many candidates are saying that these requirements are unfair due to much larger populations of white citizens in early states.

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