Castro – OUT

Julian Castro, the former HUD Secretary and Mayor of San Antonio, TX, has suspended and ended his campaign. Castro today said, “I’m so proud of the campaign we’ve run together. We’ve shaped the conversation on so many important issues in this races, stood up for the most vulnerable people and given a voice to those who are often forgotten,” Castro said. “But with only a month until the Iowa Caucuses, and given the circumstances of this campaign season, I’ve determined that it simply isn’t our time, so today it’s with a heavy heart and with profound gratitude that I will suspend my campaign for president.”

Castro was the only Latino running for President with a very progressive agenda, but faced a tough time raising money to stay in the race. He failed to make the November and December debates.

Jury is out on his next move, we believe he would be a great VP option for Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, or Amy Klobuchar. It is definite he will campaign hard across Texas for state-wide races in the attempt to turn Texas blue in 2020.

Update: Julian Castro has endorsed Elizabeth Warren.

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