Senate Trial is a Sham; Delaney Drops; Iowa

3 Headlines today:

The Senate is on the verge of acquitting the President in the Impeachment Trial. A trial that will take place with 0 witnesses and 0 documents. Trump’s defense has practically outlined that “Abuse of Power is not impeachable if the President believes that interference in an election is in the public interest”. That is obviously wrong. But what you can do is vote out the following Republican Senators next November:

Cory Gardner, CO.

Martha McSally, AZ. *lost election in 2018 and appointed by Governor

Tom Thillis, NC.

Susan Collins, ME.

Joni Ernst, IA.

Kelly Loeffler, GA. *Appointed

David Perdue, GA.

Mitch McConnell, KY.

Cindy Hyde-Smith, MS.

Steve Daines, MT.

John Cornyn, TX.

Dan Sullivan, AK.

Tom Cotton, AR.

Jim Risch, ID.

Ben Sasse, NE.

Jim Inhofe, OK.

Lindsey Graham, SC.

Mike Rounds, SD.

Shelley Capito, WV.

Open Seats: WY, TN, KS

To Register: go to

John Delaney, the former Congressman who has been running for President since 2018 has now dropped out of the race. He had previously mentioned he would stay in past Iowa, but will no longer.

The first votes of the 2020 cycle begin on Monday, as the Iowa Caucuses take place.

Current polls predict a toss-up with the top 4 of Joe Biden, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren polling back and forth. Sen. Amy Klobuchar has also made grounds. It will surely be interesting.

Our prediction: Bernie pulls it out by 2 points, with Biden in 2nd, and Klobuchar a close 3rd.

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