Mike Bloomberg, Nevada Debate, Contested Convention?

Wow was that Nevada Debate scary and divisive. Of course each of the 6 democratic candidates on the stage wants to be the nominee, but to what lengths will they go to tear each other apart? It only does Trump’s bidding for them. The candidates must unite and not squabble over small policy differences. It’s a real shame that the debate was so personal, contested, and loud.

With former New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, making his debut on stage, it’s safe to say he had a total stinker of a debate. Mike has amazing ads that are on TV, Radio, Social Media, etc. every few minutes showing Mike as the ultimate Anti-Trump, but his record, his awkwardness were on full display. Bloomberg was ripped apart by Sen. Elizabeth Warren & Sen. Bernie Sanders, as well as Vice President Joe Biden. He had multiple awkward responses regarding his taxes, sexual harassment lawsuits at Bloomberg, and the controversial Stop & Frisk policies in NYC. We will see if this hurts him, but it clearly shows that he is not just an ad machine of goodness.

Some high (or low) points of the debate were:

Bloomberg taking an (unfair) shot at Bernie calling him a communist.. which is not true.

Several personal attacks by Mayor Pete Buttigieg on Sen. Amy Klobuchar regarding an interview with Telemundo in which she forgot the name of the Mexican President… to which Elizabeth Warren came to her defense for “being human and forgetting something”.

No mention of gun control in the city home to the worst mass shooting in American History.

Elizabeth Warren’s attacks on Mayor Bloomberg for his history of alleged sexist comments about women.

Transparency of Bernie Sander’s health history records.

One question that was very interesting was the prospect of a contested Democratic Convention taking place in Milwaukee this summer. When asked the Question, should the candidate with the most delegates by the Convention, if no candidate has not mathematically clinched. 5 of the 6 said no, while Sen. Sanders said absolutely.

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