Bloomberg & Warren Drop Out

It has officially become a 2 person race for the Democratic Nomination between Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT.) and former Vice President Joe Biden (DE).

In a move that was not expected, but logical, Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg has dropped his campaign for President. The former Mayor and one of the richest people on Earth spent nearly $500 Million and won 12 delegates on Super Tuesday. He has fully endorsed Vice President Joe Biden and has expressed he will spend “whatever it takes” to defeat Donald Trump.

In a pretty surprising and, honestly, disappointing change of events, Elizabeth Warren, Sen. MA, ended her campaign for President on Thursday. Warren was considered a front-runner in the Fall of 2019 after seeing her candidacy sky-rocket over the summer. Warren was widely considered one of the top contenders for the nomination – and the likeliest Women to one day become President. Warren had originally set her sights on the coming primaries in Michigan, Missouri, etc. but after a continual slide since Iowa and a 3rd place finish in her home state of Massachusetts on Super Tuesday proved that Warren’s path had dried up. She has stated she will support the eventual nominee but will not fully endorse either Biden or Sanders.

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