Taking a break from the campaigns for a moment… the United States and really, the world is living in a new reality as the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) crisis unfolds. The week we live in is vastly different than where we were a just a few days ago, as all Major Sports Leagues have suspended or cancelled play; Broadway theatres have gone dark; the stock market and global economies have swung back and forth; states are declaring emergencies and cancelling school; colleges have suspended their semesters; and much more. Global cases are estimated over 125,000, however, testing has not become available to all yet. Meanwhile, Italy is on complete lock-down.

To make matter’s worse, the Trump Administration’s response has been terrible, confusing, and overtly dangerous. As the administration & commentators on Fox News last week (and currently) saying the virus was a “Democratic Hoax” people’s lives are at stake. The President addressed the nation from the Oval Office on Wednesday, setting up a 30-day European travel suspension – a move that made little sense, given that the virus has already spread within the United States. Trump’s address was spanned by both sides of the political aisle and the media. You can read more about it in the Washington Post’s Piece: Ten minutes at the teleprompter: Inside Trump’s failed attempt to calm coronavirus fears

The question remains…. how will this effect the campaign for President? Both Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and President Trump have cancelled large rallies of over 500+ people. The Sanders and Biden campaigns have taken their campaigns viral, effectively moving to online interaction with supporters and donors. Sunday’s upcoming one-on-one debate has been moved from the Primary voting state of Arizona to Washington D.C. and will have no live audience.

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