Super Tuesday 3 – Biden Sweeps

Today marks the third straight “Super Tuesday” where multiple states will hold Presidential Primaries. Those states are: Florida, Illinois, Arizona. *Ohio was supposed to be held today but last minute cancelled their primaries due to the Coronavirus Crisis.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is expected to win all 3 but Arizona seems like the toughest for the former Vice President according to polling.

Given the cloud of fear, panic, uncertainty, and disruption of daily life in America that the Coronavirus has caused, results may be very different. Americans in Florida, Illinois, and Arizona were instructed to send their votes in the mail rather than go in public to cast their ballot.

Florida has the largest challenge of the states, given the population of older voters. “Since the novel coronavirus outbreak was declared a pandemic, state election officials have made a number of changes, from relocating polling sites to encouraging more early voting, to protect the health of the state’s 4 million people who are over the age of 65 and represent one-fifth of the total population of the state.” (

Again, Biden is expected to win all three states and virtually lock the nomination after tonight.

Florida: 219 Delegates:

Winner: Joe Biden

Illinois: 155 Delegates

Winner: Joe Biden

Arizona: 67 Delegates

Winner: Joe Biden

Is it time for Bernie Sanders to drop out?

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