Who Have 2020 Dropped Out Contenders Endorsed?

Now that the race for the Democratic Nomination is down to Sen. Bernie Sanders and Former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump has clinched the Republican side, who have the former candidates and contenders endorsed? We saw the power of a political endorsement by the wave of enthusiasm Biden received in South Carolina and Super Tuesday that has almost guaranteed a Biden v. Trump General Election. Although many of the 2020 Contenders did not go very far in their search for the nomination, they all still have email lists and supporters that are important voters. See below for the Contender and who they eventually endorsed:

Image result for joe biden

The Following Have Endorsed Joe Biden:

Endorsed Joe BidenEndorsed Bernie Sanders
Kirsten Gillibrand, Senator, NYBill de Blasio, Mayor, New York City
Beto O’Rourke, Former Congressman, TXMarianne Williamson, Author
Kamala Harris, Senator, CA
Andrew Yang, Entrepreneur
Pete Buttigeig. Former Mayor, South Bend, IN
Michael Bloomberg, Former Mayor, New York City, NY
Amy Klobuchar, Sen. MN
Tulsi Gabbard, Congresswoman, HI
Seth Moulton, Congressman, MA
Cory Booker, Senator, NJ
Tim Ryan, Congressman, OH
Deval Patrick,
John Delaney, Former Congressman, MD.

Jay Inslee, Governor, WA

John Hickenlooper, Former Governor, CO, (Running for Senate): No Formal Endorsement

Richard Ojeda, State Representative, WV: No Formal Endorsement

Eric Swalwell, Congressman, CA: No Formal Endorsement

Steve Bullock, Governor, MT: No Formal Endorsement

Tom Steyer, Businessman: No Formal Endorsement

Joe Sestak, Former Congressman, PA: No Formal Endorsement

Julian Castro, Former HUD Secretary – Elizabeth Warren

Michael Bennett, Sen. CO: No Formal Endorsement

Elizabeth Warren, Senator, MA.: No Formal Endorsement

The Following Republicans have dropped out in their race for president:

Joe Walsh: Has said he will support the Democratic Nominee

Bill Weld: No Formal Endorsement

Mark Sanford: No Formal Endorsement

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