Upcoming Primaries

With the COVID-19 Pandemic crippling the normalcy of life in the United States, not only has the campaigning for President taken a backseat, with President Trump, Joe Biden, and Bernie Sanders all stopping in person campaigning and coverage of the campaign has practically stopped on major news networks.

Several states have delayed their primaries to avoid the public health risks of in-person voting.

Now that should be scary, postponing elections are ultimately up to the State governments. However, keeping the public safe is necessary. Here are the list of updated primaries, according to WhenWeAllVote

April 7: Wisconsin Primary

April 10: Alaska Democratic Primary

April 17: Wyoming Democratic Caucus

April 26: Puerto Rico Democratic Primary

April 28: Ohio Primaries* Delayed from March 17 due to the coronavirus.

May 2: Guam Democratic Caucus; Kansas Democratic Primary

May 12: Nebraska and West Virginia Primaries

May 19: Georgia* & Oregon Primaries *Delayed from March 24 due to the coronavirus.

May 22: Hawaii Democratic Primary

June 2: Connecticut, Delaware, D.C. Indiana, Maryland, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and South Dakota Primaries

June 6: Virgin Islands Democratic Primary

June 20: Louisiana Primaries* Postponed from April 4 due to the coronavirus.

June 23: New York & Kentucky Primaries* *Postponed from April 4 due to the coronavirus.

Source: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/us/elections/2020-presidential-election-calendar.html

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