President Obama is Back… Wisconsin & Alaska Update

Former President Barack Obama released a lengthy video this morning to fully endorse his former Vice President Joe Biden for President. The announcement comes one day after Bernie Sanders, the final contender for the Democratic Nomination endorsed Biden. The emotional video from the former President comes after months of remaining quiet in the race. This announcement from the former President comes much earlier, and truly, at a time when Biden needs some headlines as President Trump uses his bully pulpit amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Obama said “this crisis reminds us that good government matters. Facts and science Matters. The Rule of law Matters. Leaders Matter… Elections Matter”. Obama called for unification against the “meanness” and called out Republicans for hypocrisy, lies, propaganda, etc. “One thing everybody has learned by now is that the Republicans occupying the White House and running the US Senate are not interested in progress,” Obama says. “They’re interested in power.”

Obama also praised Sen. Sanders and explained how all democrats, whether they agree on all issues or not, believe in progress and want to see progress. The 12 minute video concludes with the former President saying he will campaign for Biden.

Joe Biden was declared the winner in the Wisconsin primary; which has become easily the most controversial of the democratic primaries so far. After Democratic Governor Tony Evers attempted to postpone the Primary and expand mail-in ballots to Wisconsin, Republicans in state, aided by Conservative controlled State Court and the Supreme Court struck down the Governor’s attempts.

Biden received 65 delegates to Sanders’ 19.

Biden also won the very underwhelming and under-covered (we didn’t do a profile here at The Contenders… whoops) Alaska primary, picking up 8 delegates to Bernie’s 4.

Total Delegate count for Biden: 1,288

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