Amash Enters the Race – Biden wins Ohio

In a non-surprising event, Joe Biden has wont the delayed Ohio primary on Tuesday. As of this writing, votes are still being counted as the election was done completely by mail; however Biden has nearly 80% of the votes cast with 110 delegates.

U.S. Rep. Justin Amash launches committee to explore presidential run

In a surprising move, Representative Justin Amash (I) of Michigan’s 3rd District has joined the Presidential Race in a 3rd Party Libertarian Bid. The Congressman was the first and only sitting Republican to back impeachment of Donald Trump – before Ukraine. He announced his support for impeaching the president after the Mueller Report was released last March. After announcing this, Amash was attacked by the right and dropped the GOP – becoming a Libertarian but registering as an Independent.

There is no clear path for Amash to win against Biden or Trump in November if he wins the nomination at the Libertarian Convention at the end of May. However, as we have seen in presidential elections of 1948, 1968, 1992, 2000 and 2016, a 3rd Party Candidate can do some real spoiling.

As Amash said on Twitter this week in his announcement:

“This election is too important for Donald Trump or Joe Biden to be running for president. But they have the right to run like anyone else. The answer to bad candidates is not to keep others off the ballot, but rather to give the people honest, practical, and capable alternatives.”

Just remember 4 years ago, many saw the 2016 election not by who was better, but who was “less worse” and many voted for Trump over Clinton. However, there were also millions in swing states that voted for neither and chose to vote for former Republican Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party or Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party. Although neither won a single electoral vote, their percentage share of all votes was over 6 Million people, over 5% of all votes cast. You know who lost by 80,000 votes? Hillary Clinton.

CandidateVP PartyPopular VotePopular Vote ShareElectoral Votes
Gary JohnsonWilliam F. WeldLibertarian4,489,2353.27%0
Dr. Jill SteinAjamu BarakaGreen1,457,2261.06%0

It will be interested to see who Amash hurts in November, if at all. Will disenfranchised Republicans who have quit the GOP due to Trump (who has a 93% approval rating by Registered Republicans) cast a vote with Amash and against Trump or will Democrats/Independts who don’t view Joe Biden favorably slide to Amash.

Again, Amash has practically zero chance to be president as a 3rd Party bid, our country just does not support it, but if he can be a spoiler to either side, would he welcome that?

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