Upcoming Primaries

With the COVID-19 Pandemic crippling the normalcy of life in the United States, not only has the campaigning for President taken a backseat, with President Trump, Joe Biden, and Bernie Sanders all stopping in person campaigning and coverage of the campaign has practically stopped on major news networks. Several states have delayed their primaries toContinue reading “Upcoming Primaries”

Who Have 2020 Dropped Out Contenders Endorsed?

Now that the race for the Democratic Nomination is down to Sen. Bernie Sanders and Former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump has clinched the Republican side, who have the former candidates and contenders endorsed? We saw the power of a political endorsement by the wave of enthusiasm Biden received in South CarolinaContinue reading “Who Have 2020 Dropped Out Contenders Endorsed?”

Tulsi, Bill Weld Drop Out

America’s first female president will have to wait again… Hawaiian Representative Tulsi Gabbard, the last candidate of color and women running for president, has dropped her bid. After winning 2 Delegates across the primaries, Gabbard’s long shot and controversial campaign has finally come to an end. Gabbard made headlines in the early debate for aContinue reading “Tulsi, Bill Weld Drop Out”

Super Tuesday 3 – Biden Sweeps

Today marks the third straight “Super Tuesday” where multiple states will hold Presidential Primaries. Those states are: Florida, Illinois, Arizona. *Ohio was supposed to be held today but last minute cancelled their primaries due to the Coronavirus Crisis. Former Vice President Joe Biden is expected to win all 3 but Arizona seems like the toughestContinue reading “Super Tuesday 3 – Biden Sweeps”

March Debate -One on One

It’s just Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden standing on stage at CNN Studios in Washington D.C. with no audience and both candidates 6 feet apart due to health concerns. The format is a little awkward, but a debate that was supposed to take place in Arizona now takes place amid a National Crisis the likesContinue reading “March Debate -One on One”

Mini-Tuesday Updates, Andrew Yang

365 Delegates up for grabs in today’s 6 States— the fourth largest day on the primary calendar for the Democratic candidates. Below are the updates for the Primaries (and North Dakota Caucus) on March 10th: Mississippi – Projected Winner: Joe Biden, 21 Delegates Awarded of 61 Missouri – Projected Winner: Joe Biden, 20 Delegates Awarded of 60Continue reading “Mini-Tuesday Updates, Andrew Yang”

Biden is on fire…

Former Vice President Joe Biden is really on fire right now – racking up huge momentum since his big win in South Carolina a little over a week ago and then his massive surprise upsets on Super Tuesday. Over the weekend, former 2020 Contenders Senator Kamala Harris, CA. and Senator Cory Booker, NJ. have endorsedContinue reading “Biden is on fire…”

Bloomberg & Warren Drop Out

It has officially become a 2 person race for the Democratic Nomination between Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT.) and former Vice President Joe Biden (DE). In a move that was not expected, but logical, Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg has dropped his campaign for President. The former Mayor and one of the richest peopleContinue reading “Bloomberg & Warren Drop Out”

It’s going to be Joe v. Bernie

Joe Biden is having an incredible night on Super Tuesday … States won by Biden: Virginia, North Carolina, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Alabama, Minnesota, Massachusetts (an absolute shocker, given that the state’s own senator is in the race). Maine, and Texas (another shocker). States won by Sanders: Utah, Vermont, Colorado, and Most Likely, California. Elizabeth WarrenContinue reading “It’s going to be Joe v. Bernie”