Trump’s Gonna be Impeached

This has been coming since September, but for only the 4th time in American history, Congress has drafted Articles of Impeachment against a sitting U.S. President. The 2 articles, one on Abuse of Power and one on Obstruction of Congress, will be voted on this week by the Judiciary Committee.

It remains to be seen if there will be any Republicans to break ranks and get some courage to defend the Constitution. Our guess is not. Even with 22 Republican Representatives retiring or not running for re-election. Regardless if he is removed, Donald Trump will not be able to remove the “I Word” from his resume.

Debate Update: Yang is in!

In other news; after fears that the December Democratic debate would only feature white candidates, Andrew Yang has qualified for next week’s December debate. It remains to be seen if Cory Booker or Tulsi Gabbard will make it and it seems Julian Castro will miss this one as well.

Under the new rules, candidates need at least 4% in four polls or 6% in early states (Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, or Nevada) and at least 200,000 unique donors. Many candidates are saying that these requirements are unfair due to much larger populations of white citizens in early states.

Wow. Kamala drops out.

In a surprise move, Kamala Harris, (Senator-CA), has dropped out of a the 2020 race for president. Just last week, Harris’ campaign announced that she would be moving to Iowa practically full-time; however, it ultimately became clear that her early success couldn’t translate in such a crowded field.

It remains to be seen what her next step will be, as she still has 4 more years until re-election. Keep an eye out on her joining as a VP ticket to someone like Joe Biden.

Race Update

2 more candidates dropped out of the race today, with a little over 2 months to go until Iowa.

Steve Bullock, Gov. (MT) and Joe Sestak, former congressman, (PA) both suspended their campaigns.

Bullock launched his campaign as a moderate Democrat who has won in Red Montana. Charismatic and smart, Bullock’s best move would be to run against Senator Steve Daines next November, but his campaign has stated that will not happen.

Sestak on the other hand had made almost zero news since joining the race. His quiet exit is just about as quiet as his campaign. As a former Navy Admiral and Representative, it will be interesting to see where he goes from here.

Mike Bloomberg

Mike Bloomberg, former New York City Mayor, has officially joined the 2020 race and has decided to go full send. The man worth $52 Billion has set up an ad blitz worth $37 Million in just one day. It is easily more than any other candidate has spent during this campaign on advertising alone. Bloomberg, who is running a self-funded campaign for President, could outspend every democratic & republican hopeful (including President Trump who claims to be worth 3.1 Billion… but ya know…). Bloomberg could spend $1B on his campaign and not feel a financial dent.

However, in a time where so many progressive Democratic voters are weary of the ultra wealth (i.e. Warren and Sanders’ proposed Wealth Tax), Bloomberg, the Forbes #8 Richest Person in the world may have a hard time gaining traction against Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. However, Bloomberg does have a track record of bipartisanship, implementing progressive ideas, and an incredible background on the economy. Is it just too late?


Quick Update from The Contenders:

Impeachment of President Trump:

Public Proceedings in the Impeachment Inquiry continue this week.

Read about them each on CNN

Jennifer Williams
, an aide to Vice President Mike Pence, and Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a National Security Council aide next Tuesday morning

Kurt Volker, the former US special envoy to Ukraine, and Tim Morrison, a National Security Council aide, next Tuesday afternoon

US Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland on the morning of November 20

Laura Cooper, a deputy assistant secretary of defense and David Hale, the under secretary of State for political affairs, on the afternoon of November 20

Former White House Russia expert Fiona Hill on the morning of November 21

Election 2019:

VA: Democrats now control House, Senate, and Governorship for first time in 25 years.

KY: Andy Beshear (D) beats Incumbent Matt Bevin (R) in race for Governor. GOP picks up many other seats in KY races.

MS: Tate Reeves (R) beats Jim Hood (D) in race for Governor.

LA: Gov. John Bel Edwards (D) narrowly beat challenger Eddie Rispone (R).

Democrats have now picked up 2 red state governorship over the last week and a half.

November Debate: November 20, 2019 hosted by MSNBC and the Washington Post.

We’re Here to Help Make Some Sense

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That’s where we come in. We tried our best to make it as simple as possible for you to get a few quick points on the major candidates running for President in 2020. Democracy works best when everyone is involved.

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